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Dancers learn grace, poise and agility as they dance to classical music! All children’s dance classes end with acrobatics.

Instructor: Ms. Diane

Class Attire: Leotard & tights any color or style. Pink ballet shoes.

Optional: Skirts, dance shorts, leg warmers.

Photo Credit: Katherine Azanza Photography

Hip Hop

Movements in the routines are sharp and danced to a precise beat! All children’s dance classes end with acrobatics.

Instructor: Ms. Mandy

Class Attire:  T-shirt, dance pants, shorts any color or style. No jeans! Tennis shoes to be worn for class only. Not outside!

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Dancers learn exciting routines to popular music! Jazz combines ballet technique with an emphasis on spunky performance quality and exciting, large movements like leaps and high kicks.

Instructor: Ms. Mandy

Class Attire: Leotards, dance pants or shorts any color or style. No jeans! Tan jazz shoes.

Photo Credit: Katherine Azanza Photography

Teen & Adult Dance Classes

Classes are offered in Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz for Teen and Adults. During the Summer Session Lyrical and Boot Camp are added to the curriculum. Dancers learn routines for technique in the chosen form of dance. Stretching and periodic acrobatics to stay limber.

Photo Credit: Katherine Azanza Photography

Maximum Motion

Our dance company Maximum Motion allows dancers to gain performance experiences in all kinds of settings. The goal of this group is to showcase the talent at Windsor Dance Academy while showing audiences how much fun we have when we dance!

Dancers 9yrs – Adult accepted. Placement audition required to participate. Must be enrolled in Ballet & Jazz classes! Dancers commit to a full school year of rehearsals and performances.

Instructor / Choreographer: Ms. Mandy


Wedding & Partner Dance Classes

Perfect for adults that want to learn social dances with a partner. This can be incorporated into wedding routines too! Learning a simple routine for your first dance that will make a memory for a life time.

Instructors: Ms. Diane & Jeff Donham. They have been collectively couple dancing for over 10 years. Jeff has won awards at the Fresno and South Bay Dance Competitions. Both instructors will be teaching each class to help both partners.

Tuition: $80 per hour. It is recommended that you allow 8 weeks of lessons to reach your full potential.