Exciting News!

Welcome back dance families!

Upcoming Performances:

Maximum Motion @ The Walk to End Alzheimer’s – if you’re interested in participating in the walk and helping to raise money for Alzheimer’s research, click here! You’ll also get to preview some of the dances in Santa’s Workshop and Willy Wonka.

Maximum Motion @ WE Foundation Harvest Festivalclick here to check out this super fun local event and help to raise money for Windsor Unified School District. Plus you’ll get to see Maximum Motion’s Halloween dances, performed exclusively at the Harvest Festival!

Santa’s Workshop – Get in the holiday spirit with this fun, holiday themed performance. All proceeds fund our very own dane scholarship program! More info here.

Important Information:

*The studio is closed for Halloween Day, Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Open for all other holidays. You can see the full calendar here.

*Santa’s Workshop rehearsals have begun! It is imperative that dancers attend these classes! Check the rehearsal schedule here.

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